Teen Ideas Matter is a platform for teens and their parents. We provide engaging resources and services to help young and ambitious teenagers to start their projects and bring their ideas to an end. We empower parents to foster the curiosity of young teens and instill their love of learning. Hi! I'm Evgeniya - mom and creator of Teen Ideas Matter. I'm passionate about a holistic approach to managing projects and truly believe that any success starts with the mindset. It is not just setting up goals, building the project plan, and follow the actions. To run a project successfully it is important to consider the whole process. It is essential to keep a balance of mind, body, and spirit to bring an idea to the end. We live in a project-based world. Learning through projects is an essential part of kids' development. Projects don’t start once the learning is complete, they are what drives the learning in the first place. To teach our children how to be resilient adults and manage various projects, our focus should be to coach them HOW to learn, keep their interest to learn, their curiosity, their natural desire to try, to experiment.


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